HIRARC Training


HIRARC is an integration tool to identify, assess/measure and to control hazard and risk of any workplace and its activities. By strictly implementing it, it will eliminate, reduce/control the possibility for any accidents to occur..

According clause 4.3.1 of OHSAS 18001:2007, an establishment of procedure is a MUST to ensure the identification of risk, risk assessment, and its determination can be implemented and maintained.

The HIRARC training has been designed to cater the needs of Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner in meeting their task for risk management.

In additional, a tool of HIRARC template is used to drive the method of risk assessment to incorporate with OHSAS 18001 standard by readily built-in the risk factor and extinguishment of hazard-risk aspects.



Successful completion of the program will enhance the awareness, skills and knowledge of participants and enable them to:

1). Familiarize with concept of Hazard and risk in accordance with OHSAS 18001 model..

2). Able to structure the process to identify hazard at work place based from nature of operation.

3). Better understanding on legislative aspect on OSH in Malaysia

4). To be an expert user of introduced HIRARC tool

5). To adapt HIRARC tool in compliance with company OSH regulations


Two types of program that ISIS are able to offer. That's includes 1 day course of Intensive Training and Comprehensive Training for 2 days

Intensive Training may suit for refreshment for the team who have a basic understanding and experience in the fundamental of risk management Comprehensive Training would be recomended for beginner or those team need a deeper assistance in developing their risk management activity including a practical session

Training program is available for In-House training or Public Training



Module 1: Legal Aspects

OSHA 1994 and it regulations

FMA 1967 and it regulations

Other relevant aspects of legislation

Applicability to the nature of workplace

Module 2: Introduction to HIRARC

Principle of HIRARC

Guidelines for Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) from JKKP

OHSAS 18001 Standard requirement of Hazard identification, risk assessment and determining controls

Module 3: Hazard Identification

What is Hazard and what is danger

How to identify hazard.

Type and source of hazard

Correspondence of Hazard-Risk

Module 4: Risk Assessment

What is Risk Assessment (RA)? Holistic Approaches currently implemented

Why, when and who can carry out RA?

Process of RA or Risk Management

Where Can You Get Harm From – The 4 M’s!

Hazard Classification

Pre-Assessment – Information Gathering

Pre-Assessment – Classifying Work Activities

Methods of Identifying and Recognizing Hazards

Factors in Determining Severity Of Harm

What is the Likelihood or Probabilities?

Factors in Determining Likelihood Of Harm

Estimating The Risk – The Risk Assessment Matrix

How to use Multi Entry Risk Assessment Form

Ranking of Probability and Consequence

Basic Principles Of Risk Management

Four Steps To Implementing Risk Control

Controlling the Hazards through Elimination, Substitution, Isolation, Engineering Control, Safe Work Practice and Personal Protective Equipment

Module 5: How to use HIRARC Tool

Introduction of the tool

Listing the jobs and define the process (activity) sequence in the Job List

Job hazard identification and Analyze the Risk

Class of hazard and description of hazard

Risk analysis via E-S-I-E-A-P method

Correspondence in legal aspects

Likelihood vs Severity

Recommendation control for significant risk

Monitoring and review




A powerful tool of e-HIRARC will be given as for FREE and to be used as a tool during practical session.

Trial version will be given prior commencement of this training.

The package of HIRARC gift is inclusively covered

1). e-HIRARC Template in MS Excel format

2). Hazid Table

3). e-HIRARC User Manual

Note: A FREE template of e-HIRARC can be downloaded from the link button below


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